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I received a surprise this month that I was not expecting. A new web comic platform is preparing to launch and they reached out to me because they would like My Beloved Maid to be one of the first hundred comics to be premier on their new service! This means issue 1 through 6 will be available through a new platform dedicated to creating a place for readers and creators to share their passions! More information coming soon!

Traveler's Guild: Tales of Simon Barter

Simon Barter has chosen to reject his life as a carpenter at the chagrin of his father. Now, he has chosen to join the famous Traveler's Guild to explore the world. It's not all that is cracked up to be so he will have to rely on his wits and heart to survive. From Elva Raiders to the mysterious web of the east, join Simon as he makes friends and discovers the secrets of world of Irassa.

My Undead Maid (Monster Girl Lodgers #1)

Whispering Pines Estate was not what Lysander Culfre had expected. The failed author had gone from being down on his luck to now owning a strange estate given to him by his deceased grandfather. Lysander's mother was against him going and so was his father but the promise of an allowance, a place to live and a chance for creativity impossible to give up. But something else is going on at Whispering Pines. And the strange head maid and the staff seem to be part of it.

Impossible Door & Other Stories

Whether it be a door that should not be in the basement or a strange figure in the heat of the day, there is always something terrifying to be found. The Impossible Door and Other Stories is a chilling anthology of horror short stories of Jonathan Snyder which blurs the line between what is real and what is from another world. You may never look at a street lamp the same way again or wish you had more cats to protect you.

Each story, penned by a lover of horror, is a finely crafted piece of darkness, designed to unsettle the mind and awaken your deepest fears. A total of nine stories to keep you up at night!


Short Stories

Smoke and Fury (Aphelion Webzine Nov ‘23)
Green Lights are not Safe! (r/NoSleep on Reddit)
There is a Door in my Mom’s Basement that Shouldn’t Be there.(r/Nosleep on Reddit)
In Truth, Cats are man’s Best Friend (r/Odd_Directions on Reddit)

There's Something in my Hallway Closet (r/NoSleep on Reddit)

Coming Soon!

Alone in the Wilds is a novella based in the Beloved Universe where Princess Aevina Vaesh and ex-game Larry Turner must figure out how to survive when their only hiding place is a frontier town. Can they stay hidden from House Tavik of the Xaltean Empire or will they kill each other first! 

Release Date: Q2 2024