February Updates!

Whew. January and February have been extremely busy. To the point that I even forgot to put together a newsletter! But alas here I am! This newsletter will be shorter than the other as I don't have as much to tell about. A lot of what I'm working on is still being edited and not to the point to make any announcements. So, here is what we have so far!

Travelers Guild: Tales of Simon Barter


I honestly did not think I was going to get another episode out but I did! Simon Barter has begun his plan to rescue the villagers that have been captured by the Morgha and their dreaded leader! He doesn't have the back up of the Guild but Simon can't not try to save the lost.

Episode 6: To Rescue the Innocent

Beloved Universe

Everything is still going strong for new content when it comes to the Beloved Universe. Both Beloved Chains and Beloved Maid web comics have new issues in work and the Novella Alone in the Wilds is almost ready for release!

Here is a detailed breakdown of where we are sitting!

Beloved Maid

Beloved Chains

Newly Released!

We have successfully released Star Traveler: Atlas Gambit and Beloved Maid #6: What was is no Longer on Amazon.com and Gumroad for those who want a copy and support more content!

Star Traveler at Amazon & Gumroad

Beloved Maid #6 and Amazon and Gumroad


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